Free pattern for bracelet Shannon

Free pattern for beaded bracelet Shannon with tila beads



U need:

tila beads

bicone beads 4 mm

seed beads 11/0

delica seed  beads 11/0






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10 thoughts on “Free pattern for bracelet Shannon”

  1. The jewelry is so beautiful and I can not wait to make it tomorrow for friends and family and refer people to your site. Thank you for the beautiful design.

  2. Was wondering what color was tilapia beads you used I can’t find a color close to it. Better yet was was all the colors of all the beads thanks I love it

  3. Can you tell me what are the color of the beads I love the color but cant seem to find this color.

    Thank you

  4. How do I get a tutorial for bead pattern Shannon? This is a basic and frustrating search on my part. And where is a site to ask questions on beading. Patterns are available but not tutorials. I need that for a good start so I don’t have to waste hours trying one thing after another only to need to take it out many times until a satisfactory method is found. It may be obvious for some beaders but I need those tutorials, Please!


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