Free pattern for bracelet Roma

Free pattern for bracelet Roma
beaded bracelet pattern

U need:

bicone beads 4 mm

seed beads 2mm

beaded bracelet pattern




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7 thoughts on “Free pattern for bracelet Roma”

  1. Beautiful bracelet but directions are confusing to me. I learn things visually and the layering is difficult for me to follow. I think once I enlarge the directions I will be ok. Thank you for sharing such a nice piece.

  2. The bead pattern’s very pretty,but it doesn’t make that much sense to me.could you give me a tutorial or directions on how to do it?why is it that the numbers jump from 11 to a drastic 91or something like that?sorry,i’m a beginner at this.

  3. Love, love, love the bracelet! But I must be too much of a beginner to follow this bead path. I thought it would be worked in repeated groups, but that’s not what I read as best as I could follow. Would love it see this done.

  4. Oh, do I love this bracelet! I too, cannot follow the pattern. I would really like to have a video of this being made. Or more broken down as to supplies needed, more indepth instructions. I also am a just a beginner.

  5. very nice bracelet! I just finished mine, it’s blue and I love it 🙂 To those who do not understand the pattern: you work with two threads, start at the start-point and work your way to 36, that is the top half of the bracelet. then go back with the rest of the red and blue lines and ignore the numbers…

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