Free pattern for bracelet Red Hearts

Free pattern for bracelet Red Hearts for st. Valentine Day

U need:

seed beads toho 11/0

seed beads toho 15/0

pearls 4 mm

Click on the picture to enlarge it 


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7 thoughts on “Free pattern for bracelet Red Hearts”

  1. Pls could u kindly explain the pattern. I dont know how to interpret pattern and I really want to make this pls.

    The 11/0 is size 2 right
    Which is the other size

    • HI Ruth – 11/0 are seed beads. They are about 2mm but are not round like a pearl. The pattern uses 11/0 in red and gold. The other size is 15/0 a smaller seed bead (it is red to match the 11/0 red) and it is shown in step 1.4. where there are 3 in each heart. They are shown as a black dot in the diagram.
      Hope this helps

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