Free pattern for beaded necklace Sultan

Free pattern for beaded necklace Sultan


U need:

seed beads 11/0



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7 thoughts on “Free pattern for beaded necklace Sultan”

  1. I tried this patter but I didn’t get the beginning,I would really appreciate it if u could xplain it ro me.

    • You need to follow the thread path as shown on the photo. Up and down. So at first with the colours shosn on the pattern you will string4 black one yellow. 5 black 2 yellow then gp through the first yellow you added and contine with the netting pattern in this manner.

  2. I made this necklace. I could not download the pattern so had to figure it out the best I could. I also added some crystals to it and made a matching bracelet. It came out really pretty.

  3. Thank you so much u just opened my eyes or should I say senses… Lol. Cuz I was having the same difficulty of how to start first before getting to the point where the pattern is displayed (same complaint as Funkiss). U deserve a kiss…thanks again

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