Free pattern for beaded crochet rope Lanvin

Free pattern for beaded crochet rope Lanvin



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11 thoughts on “Free pattern for beaded crochet rope Lanvin”

  1. What a beautiful crochet necklace. Thank you for the pattern.

    I have a general question regarding crocheting with beads:
    How do you decide which hook size will you use for each seed beads size?
    Which hook size for 11 seed beads?
    for 8 seed beads, and for 6 seed beads?
    I believe this necklace was woven with 11 seed beads, so which hook size did you use?

    Thank you very much for your answer.


  2. Terry Berry, we dont need any credit cards and never demand it. all patterns are free and there r not any downloads, u must just save a picture with pattern

  3. Do you have the pattern for the stringing sequense for the crocheted rope with the Pink (or any color) Breast Cancer Ribbon? I have been searching forever for one. I learned to do the crocheted rope more than 40 years ago and love them.


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