Beautiful embroidered jewelry by Zana Pancirova

Zana Pancirova is talented bead artist from Latvia. She makes amazing jewelry in bead embroidery technique using seed beads, natural gemstones, pearls and crystals.


Zana`s facebook-

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful embroidered jewelry by Zana Pancirova”

  1. When I see these beautiful designs and work from the Russian and prior Russian countries it makes me think of the jewellery of the Zarinas and other members of the Russian aristocracy who you to have the most fabulous jewels. Obviously the ideas and skills must have lived on through the ages and are now coming out from ordinary people like all my fellow headers. It’s wonderful to see!

  2. Ces réalisations sont de pures merveilles. Cette créatrice a de l’or dans les mains.
    Bravo et merci de nous montrer de si jolies choses


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