Beautiful bead embroidery by Marta Filina

Marta Filina is a talented beadwork artist from Moscow. In her amamzing work she combines beadweaving and bead embroidery. Write in comments what do you think, do you like this style?


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12 thoughts on “Beautiful bead embroidery by Marta Filina”

  1. Absolutely stunning beadwork, but where would one wear something like this? I’m guessing some kind of formal ball…?

  2. Absolutely beautifully designed and executed! !– I can see these on a high-fashion “runway”; however, practically I would never be able to personally wear any of these.

  3. I want to thank you, for not only your inspiring blog, but for being a beader who is keeping beading alive, and even sharing all the good ideas you find, freely.

    I treasure some of the techniques your beading diagrams have taught me, the challenges I know I can always find here, and the inspiration that getting familiar with some of your patterns has given me. Domr of the patterns I have tried here just didn’t come out well enough to do again and again, but I treasure many of them. Maybe I will never create a must-have, viral, and totally new design. But if I had not worked my way through some of your diagrams the past few years, I would never have developed the confidence I now have, to try a pattern with a different size of beads or even combine different techniques from different projects that I loved.

    Thank you and I hope that life is being as good to you as you so obviously deserve.

  4. Truly beautiful works of art, even better , they all can be worn. I would love to go out wearing a piece. I’m sure the other ladies in our club would want to wear them too. Marta is an amazing artist!


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