A pattern for bracelet Reverie by Laly_Rose

A pattern for beautiful bracelet Reverie by Laly_Rose







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6 thoughts on “A pattern for bracelet Reverie by Laly_Rose”

  1. Hello Jeanne, i had to look at this tutorial a couple of time but it’s actually all you need to know for this bracelet of you know the basics of right-angle-weave ( RAW). Just look at it sideways, as the little long line on the bottom being the clasp. If you have any questions about bead jewelry in general I may be able to help… Please check out my blog ( it’s in Portuguese because of where I’m living now but if you leave a comment in English ill be happy to help) its just the beginning but might be of inspiration eventually.. 🙂

  2. Ivanna here I read the comments on the laly Rose bracelet from beads magic, I so wish to make this bracelet and you guessed it I do not read or communicate Portugese I can only dream of that

    however I need help in the form of words, if it were crochet I could do it by word or chart /and word but beading is new to me I guess you could say I’am a total neophyte . Would you please help me

    Thank you in advance


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