A pattern for a necklace or bracelet

A pattern for a necklace or bracelet






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14 thoughts on “A pattern for a necklace or bracelet”

  1. Allie if you look closely you can tell that one string is blue anyone is red, yes I think it’s a double needle pattern, at least partially. Lovely…

  2. Hello, As anyone received any answer to your questions (above)?… Who is the author of this pattern? How can we get in touch? (for more precisions). Thanks for helping!

      • I often use buttons for clasps. Easy to use, and can make the beaded project have so much more character. More artistic flair. You make a toggle ring on one side – odd count peyote, whatever you want it to look like, just as long as the hold is wide enough to slip over the button. Don’t make it too wide, or else the beaded project too big. The button side, use enough 11/0 seed beads to thread through button shank, then loop it back through the middle portion on the end of project. Please be sure to measure around whatever body part how long or big the project is, without the ring and button, and this way you can get a better judgment on how long or big or wide to make the loop and how big the button.

        Hope this helps!!

  3. is there anyway to get the pattern for this, I see it up there but also what we would need, size of seed beads pearls etc. and how to finish the ends and connect to the clasp? also what do we use for thread, wire??

  4. Where can I get the full directions…These are very confusing and only shows 7 diagrams…I realize that after the 7th one it is just repeated, but with out the directions, I am lost…sorry…

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