A pattern for a beautiful bracelet Alveoline


Here is a pattern for a very beautiful bracelet Alveoline by Vyolina.



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9 thoughts on “A pattern for a beautiful bracelet Alveoline”

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  2. Very lovely all the work displayed here. Keep up the great job you are doing and thanks so much for this site. I will be back often.

  3. Lovely bracelet. I started to make this bracelet (I never finished), and I want to warn anyone that wants to make it, to be sure to use TOHO or Delica seed beads. I used cheap seed beads that weren’t uniform, and discovered that this pattern won’t work without perfectly uniform beads. Someday I will go back and make it with good quality beads. Also, it’s time consuming, so you’ll have to be patient!

    • I did the exact same thing! I used cheap seed beads that weren’t uniform like TOHO and Delica, and it looked horrible and I didn’t finish. Also, the pattern needs a little tweaking, as the way it is drawn right now, the rows aren’t perfectly symmetrical, as Anske pointed out above. If you look at the last pic above, the top row of aqua colored circles has fewer than the bottom row of aqua circles, which also made it look not so good. Those should be equal.

  4. I wish get training or a book or a video that can help me to design beads…I really appreciate your your good work guys,you are the best. ….


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