A pattern for a beautiful bracelet Alveoline


Here is a pattern for a very beautiful bracelet Alveoline by Vyolina.



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8 thoughts on “A pattern for a beautiful bracelet Alveoline”

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  2. Very lovely all the work displayed here. Keep up the great job you are doing and thanks so much for this site. I will be back often.

  3. Lovely bracelet. I started to make this bracelet (I never finished), and I want to warn anyone that wants to make it, to be sure to use TOHO or Delica seed beads. I used cheap seed beads that weren’t uniform, and discovered that this pattern won’t work without perfectly uniform beads. Someday I will go back and make it with good quality beads. Also, it’s time consuming, so you’ll have to be patient!

  4. I wish get training or a book or a video that can help me to design beads…I really appreciate your your good work guys,you are the best. ….

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