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  1. I like your free patterns. I am on a fixed income, for I don’t have much money. I think your patterns are beautiful and easy to make.

  2. how should i understand which email is yours? i have 20000 subscribers. and if u subscribed by your own wish, nobody forced u, then ask to unsubscribe in normal way.

  3. Me encanta contarme entre sus amigas, muchas gracias, soy y vivo en Colombia y soy de igual forma amante de las tarjetas, así que ustedes me han ayudado con sus muestras, nuevamente gracias. Me gustaría si fuera posible comunicación en español. chao…

  4. How can I contact you? The patterns are simply adorable!!

    How can I purchase?

    Kindly contact.


  5. Your generosity with these beautiful patterns, are really amazing. Thank you so much.
    Gayle Delecia Potgieter

  6. I am not receiving email from Beadsmagic any more ( past three months ). I tried to subscribe again but it says my address is already subscribed. Please see if this can be fixed, I would really like to see your patterns.

  7. The dragons by Alena Litvin are exquisite. Would love to see larger pictures. What I can see on this site are great but not clear enough to tell the complete composition of the dragon.

  8. Please could you put the amount of beads needed in you tutorials as I would like to make numerous items but run on a budget and it would be very helpful. All the patterns are fantastic

  9. How often do I still have to ask to write me out ??? I have already asked 10 times to unsubscribe me. Stop it !!!

  10. How often do I still have to ask to unsubscribe me ??? I have already asked 10 times to unsubscribe me. Stop to spamming me !!!

    • I’m in the same boat. I have attempted multiple times to unsubscribe via the “unsubscribe” link included in emails. I’ve also sent emails to the ymail address that’s SUPPOSED to be the site admin (who has never responded). At this point, I’m reporting the site as a spammer. I don’t see any other option.

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