Funny comics about beading!


Funny comics about beading. Are you like this too? hehe




Whats the comics is the funniest? 😀

































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19 thoughts on “Funny comics about beading!”

    • I totally agree! I am sick of hearing these disgusting expressions, it is about time these folks learned to express themselves in the English language, & leave the foul mouth garbage alone, it makes them sound like uneducated low human beings!

  1. Hey Deborah! about language. im not native english speaker, i was studying english myself with no teacher. so if u helpe me to write all this comics in right way i will be very thankful. but i think its anyway funny 🙂

    • Very Funny!

      I’m disappointed to see so many negative comments about your language. I wish I knew a second language well enough to tell jokes in, good for you! I do try to learn a second language, but am not very good yet. Thankfully, so far people have been very kind and helpful with my mistakes.

      Thanks for making me laugh!

  2. It is good to know there are others like me. I usually only get Friday night and Saturdays to bead. If lucky, a little time on Sundays. So, I especially liked the typical beader weekend.

  3. Haha. Was fun way to wake up to. I’ve been into beading for about a year now and been eating, sleeping, dreaming beads. . Definately resonated with me.
    Great site, btw!

  4. Here in the U.S., the ‘F’ word is not generally accepted in public, whether it be online or in person. Having said that, I love the cartoons, they are very funny and very true. And I enjoy the free patterns and information.

  5. The F-word is considered rude, unfortunately in the US and elsewhere it is used too much.
    The cartoons were well meant. I enjoyed that beaders everywhere share the same feelings about beading. We love it and are hooked!

  6. I just found this site last week and have spent hours here. Your site is awesome! I especially liked the first comic, beads, cats, and especially Grumpy Cat, all together, AWESOME! I wasn’t offended by some things others objected to. You see and hear stuff like this all over. Lighten up and have a laugh.

  7. I really enjoyed these cartoons. I think we beaders are in a group (or on a planet) all our own. I appreciate the humor. The language is not offensive to me but I understand others might take offense. Beaders speak all languages and come from all cultures. This afternoon I drove half an hour to go to a bead store. I had picked out $73 worth of beads online but wanted to have a look in person. So I left with a small bag that came to about twice that amount. It just makes me laugh. I don’t do that every day and it really is pretty much my only vice. It is how I choose to spend my money when I have sold a piece. If I couldn’t keep laughing, I would not bead.


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