Free pattern for pendant Cinnamon

Free pattern for beaded pendant Cinnamon



U need:

super duo seed beads

seed beads 11/0

bicone beads 4 mm



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16 thoughts on “Free pattern for pendant Cinnamon”

  1. Very helpful and beautiful. I really find it difficult getting super duo or the twin beads in my country, I have never seen one here.

  2. beautiful super duo pendant thanks for chering your talent and thanks to beads magic for their generosity

  3. Please help. Mine came out flat not that beautiful almost 3d cushion like. I used .006 wildfire line and tried tightening as I went to create the shape but was completely impossible. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  4. Thank you so much for this beautiful piece and for making it available in “print” format (not just PDF) so that I can print it!

  5. Aimee Martin, you may have the generic superduo beads instead of the brand name. The original superduos have a sort of diamond shape when you look at the edge. The generic superduos, or faux duos, are much straighter on the sides. They can’t nest like the real superduos do in this pattern. Hence you can’t get the cup shape.


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