Free pattern for necklace Tender Blue

Free pattern for beaded necklace Tender Blue


U need:

seed beads 11/0

bugles seed beads




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9 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace Tender Blue”

  1. Thank you for this pattern. I haven’t been beading long and this is the first time I’ve used a pattern. I am able to follow it with no problem. However, could someone recommend a thread to use as my fireline just snapped. Thanks.

    • I usually use mono filament, as fireline is so hard to get here in Indonesia.

      It works just fine and they are available in various sizes…it works well with tiny seed beads, even for 15/0s..and pretty strong for holding up the bead works and way cheaper than fireline.

      I personally love the 0.20 for this kind of beadwork.

  2. Love the pattern, but I’m having an issue with the bugle beads spinning and it begins to look like a spiral instead of flat. Any suggestions?

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