Free pattern for necklace Mexico

Free pattern for necklace Mexico in native style.

U need :

seed beads 11/0


Step 1


How to use this diagram. U just count how much seed beads of every color is on the pattern and follow arrows direction.

For example u can see on the  first row  of the diagram next quantity of seed beads – 3 white, 5 black, 3 white, 5 black, 1 white, 6 red, 7 yellow, 6 red, 2 white, 7 black. Arrow goes down. U string this on the thread and go to the next row on the diagram. Here u see that arrow goes up and u should string on the thread 6 white and 3 black seed beads and then u miss 12 seed beads and string your needle through 13th seed bead of previous row (black bead). Then on the diagram u see u should string 3 black and 2 white seed beads and miss 5 seed beads of previous row and string your needle through 6th seed bead of previous row (red bead) and like this u go to the end of this row. ↓↓↓↓↓


Step 2


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  1. Is there anywhere that gives word charts for this type of pattern. I find the dot graph very difficumt to keepin rows. Its beautiful and i would love to make one. I dont mind paying.


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