Free pattern for necklace Incanto

Free pattern for beautiful beaded necklace Incanto. Not hard to make but look amazing



U need:

24 round pearls beads 8 mm

89 round pearls beads 6mm

seed beads



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11 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace Incanto”

  1. Sometimes I have difficulty reading the charts that are used outside the U.S., and sometimes I am disappointed that I cannot make the beautiful things! But I think I can manage this one. I hope so because it is lovely! I am not good at cross-stitch — weaving with two needles at one time — and that is one reason I am not good at these patterns. It is entirely my fault. I do not intend to criticize! I should try harder to learn how to follow the patterns. You put up such pretty pieces of jewelry. Thank you!

  2. are we sure it is size 6mm and 8mm pearls – the picture makes me think they are 6mm and 10mm pearls? cause the large ones look a lot bigger than the 6mm one?

      • I think the same. Either the small are 4mm with 8mm for the large, or the large should be 10mm. If anyone tries to make this and figures out which sizes work best, please post. Thanks!

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