Free pattern for bracelet Summer Field

Free pattern for beaded bracelet Summer Field


U need:

seed beads 11/0

czech tila beads

round beads 6 mm

round beads 4 mm

Every step starts with 2 needles



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4 thoughts on “Free pattern for bracelet Summer Field”

  1. I personally am glad that the designers are willing to give out a free pattern. I can understand why the number of beads is not provided because everyone’s wrist is different. We should have to do our math. The designer has no idea about the size of our wrist, the length of the clasp we plan to use or how we plan to attach it. If they gave exact count, people would complain that it was too big or too little for them. Please be happy for we they do give us.

    Thank you to all the people out there who are willing to give their patterns for free.

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