Free pattern for bracelet Delight

Free pattern for beaded bracelet Delight


U need:
seed beads 11/0

seed beads 15/0

pearl beads 8 mm

round beads 3mm

twin or super duo seed beads




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10 thoughts on “Free pattern for bracelet Delight”

  1. It appears that there are seed beads in 2 sizes in this design – the larger seed bead centered between the pearls.
    Are the larger seed beads size 11 or size 8?

  2. I think you were right the first time Cynthia. It looks like the seed beads being used are 11/0s and 15/0s. The beads look really small compared to the superduos which is what I am basing this off of. I’m going to try making it and see if that fits with the pattern.

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