Free pattern for bracelet Dark Violet

Free pattern for beaded bracelet Dark Violet



U need:

bicone beads 4-5 mm

seed beads 11/0








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8 thoughts on “Free pattern for bracelet Dark Violet”

  1. I would like to make a matching ring to go with the Bracelet, What do you think?
    Once again thank you for sharing and all the hard work and hours you put it..

  2. Thank you for sharing! This is simply elegant and easy. I love this design and have added it to my personals.

  3. Gracias por compartir soy novata y los patrones son claros y este diseño es simplemente elegante ,así que me voy a poner a hacerlo .

  4. Is there a video for the blue necklace, I have trouble following the second part of the bracelet where the beads hang down.

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