Free pattern for beaded bead East

Free pattern for beautiful beaded bead East by Vika Osadchenko. With this nice pattern u can make necklace, bracelet, pendant and anything u wish!


For one bead u need:

6 round beads 4 mm

1 faceted rondelle bead  6×3 mm

seed beads 6/0 (1 colour)

seed beads 15/0 (2 colours)









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10 thoughts on “Free pattern for beaded bead East”

  1. Loved your bracelet just ran across it the colors are magnificant had a bit of a problem making it i used 4mm round and they were to small should i be using 6mm when i but the 10 15/0 seed beads it did not fit had to many beads stuck way out i realize u made this a long time ago but the design is timeless thanks carol


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