Free pattern fo necklace Blue Snowflakes

Free pattern for beaded necklace Blue Snowflakes
Photo by катерина44

U need:

seed beads 11/0




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8 thoughts on “Free pattern fo necklace Blue Snowflakes”

  1. Beautiful necklace. I always see beautiful necklaces on this site. I have a question though. When you are making this, you need very, very long threads. It is that long, that you can’t handle it. I am unable to work with meters of thread. How am i supposed to do that? Or am i doing something wrong?

  2. I like the color of this necklace. But I think for the larger blue bead looks like a 8 bead or 6 bead.

    For the threads I use to make a project I pull about five times with my arms stretched out and some people think that is a lot of thread. Happy beading

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