Beautiful embroiderd jewelry by Maria Vukolova

Maria Vukolova is russian bead artist from Moscow. She makes beautiful bead embroidered necklaces. She has her own special unique style.


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6 thoughts on “Beautiful embroiderd jewelry by Maria Vukolova”

  1. I am totally blown away by this art. Where can I find the patterns for one of those? I would also love to find a book on how to do something like this. Thank you for showing them.

  2. unbelievable, they are super gorgeous. wish i could tutorials and patterns for these designs. is it possible wish to gt in contact with you

  3. I used to look forward each day to your new listing of beaded items. I made quite a few of them from your patterns. BUT it’s been almost 2 months since I have received any new e-mails from you. What happened? Please continue sending. Your site it the one joy I have! I hope you get this e-mail. Augusta

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