Free pattern for necklace Hot Sand

Free pattern for beaded necklace Hot Sand

U need seed beads 11/0

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9 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace Hot Sand

  1. Love the pattern although in the picture of the necklace, the bottom row looks like it has another size or type of seed bead. It has a silver look to it. Is it all 11/0 throughout the whole project? Is there only 2 colors in this necklace? Thanks for sharing….

    • Actually, you’re right – the pattern doesn’t completely match the necklace. The bead at the bottom point of each row should be the same contrasting color as the diamond shape, followed by 3 beads of the main color, back through the contrasting color and back up to complete the row. Some do not like those little dags, however, because they tend to go a bit squirrely, which may be why they were left off the pattern.

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