Free pattern for bracelet France

Free pattern for beautiful beaded bracelet France




U need:
pearls or round beads 4-5 mm
seed beads 10/0 – 11/0


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21 thoughts on “Free pattern for bracelet France”

  1. Очень выигрышный браслет. Сочетание золота и жемчуга всегда шикарно смотрится.И отлично подходит для новичков.

  2. i love all the beautiful necklaces and bracelets but i think there are serious details missing from the patterns (what thread to use how many beads needed etc) besides that i love this site!

  3. Can anybody PLEASE tell me what kind of stitch this is?? Is it RAW, spiral, or something more/less elaborate? I have no idea, it’s driving me nuts, and the diagram is not descriptive enough to follow without step-by-step instructions. This is the ultimate bracelet I want to make… and I’ve tried for hours now. 🙁


    • I may not know what stitch that is but if you start working from where the white beads start. leave a bit of thread so you can finish up with the gold seeds at the end, you won’t get confused. hope you got it right.

  4. So beautiful, I love bracelets and love trying to make them. Would love to make one for myself. Can you send instructions?

  5. Lovely beads, my daughter love making beads, but I don’t know what and what to buy for her for a start, and which online tutorial that will help her.

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