Free pattern for bracelet Barberry

Free pattern for beaded bracelet Barberry


U need:

seed beads 11/0

seed beads 8/0

faceted beads 4 mm





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16 thoughts on “Free pattern for bracelet Barberry”

  1. Dear Beads Magic,

    Do any of your patterns have the COMPLETE pattern, from beginning to the end??? It would be nice to see! Thanks for the beautiful projects!

  2. It is true, the picture of the beaded patterns do seem incomplete for some beaders. Especially for new ones that have found this beautiful art of creating with beads.

    For the start of this pattern:

    one can use a right angle weave or use two needles:

    string seven beads with using a two needles and 1 4mm or 6mm bead and pass thru the 4mm or 6mm bead and pull together. Does this help

  3. love this pattern but can it be printed out or does it have to be downloaded?if so how do you do this? iam new to computers!

  4. I don’t understand how to go to row 2 then to row 3. I am a beginner could you please explain in more detail. It is s beautiful bracelet and I would love to make it.

      • if u have thread left then go through all yellow beads and then in red bead and continue how it is shown on diagram. if ur thread is finished start with new thread and go through yellow beads in red bead how it is shown on diagram.third row is started with 2 needles with a new thread

  5. Your website is AMAZING! Thank you so very much for sharing all these patterns with us!! One thing I would like to see with some of them is where to purchase some of the beads; especially the more unique and unusual beads/stones. But I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!


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