Tutorial for embroidered pendant

Tutorial for amazing embroidered pendant

U need:

Thick fabric


Needle for seed beads



Seed beads


Marker and chalk




Draw with a compasses 2 circles 5,5 cm in diameter and  then ur pattern inside circle. Cut templates.


Put template on the fabrick, pin it, outline it with a marker or a chalk and cut.

Baste tamplate to fabric and embroider the pattern

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U have to embroider very tightly

Take off the paper when u finish embroidering

Pass through all lines to fix the pattern


Step back 2-3 mm from the border and mark a circle inside of our embroidery. Embroider border of the pattern.


Embroider all pattern.


Make two sides of the pendant in this way.


Dress a border of the pendant

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Make a loop. First row consist 8 beads


Wave a loop 3 sm length by mosaic stitch


Back side of  the loop


Here is our pendant!



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