Donate beads for charity!

Hello, Dear Beaders!

Ifcharity beads u have some beads that u dont need, u can donate it in charity organization for courage. A charity that puts together beaded necklaces, and bracelets, and gives them to brighten the days of the children in the children’s hospital who are there every day fighting their fights with many child illnesses.

I got this information from glass beads artist from USA Steven Geller‎   (

Thats what he writes (PLEASE READ ATTANTIVELY):

I am not directly donating them to beads of courage my self, I am helping to collect them on behalf of a friend who’s daughter with Leukemia was a recipient of beads from the program and they want to give back to the program, knowing first hand how much such a simple gift can make a child with little reason to smile, grin from ear to ear.

What I am asking for is contributions of beads in any form to donate to this cause. Metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, etc. to all my glass artist friends, even the donation of 1 bead would mean to world to the recipient child.

I will be doing a drawing for a pendant of mine, for every one who sends me beads, if I collect enough beads I may even use the Dylan Wallace colab for the drawing. Weather it’s 1 nice bead or a $5 pack from the store it will help immensely . (Please no tiny beads or any with sharp edges).

I will be running this for one month so until October 20th. Please help out and get your friends together to pitch in On your pack. Let’s help these children smile today. Please don’t turn a blind eye to this.  Feel free to share and spread the word. When you are ready to send beads my way please just message me and I will give you the shipping info and get you entered into the drawing. Thank you every one.

U can contact Stiven for more information  [email protected]

Also u can send beads direct to this address (Dont forget to add information about u)

Steller glass
425 N Fremont St.
Manteca Ca. 95336



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6 thoughts on “Donate beads for charity!”

  1. I have about 15 very large boxes of beautiful high end beads to donate but not able to pay shipping charges from Chicago. Any interest? Please contact. Thanks

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