Free pattern for beaded crochet rope Iris

Free pattern for beaded crochet rope Iris by FlyPetra



crochet rope


crochet rope



crochet rope



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10 thoughts on “Free pattern for beaded crochet rope Iris

  1. Lovely rope; Did you make it with #11
    How many is in the round. i am not sure how to follow a crochet pattern where do you start.

    Thanking you


    • Hi Patricia to start crochet 14 beads into a chain 14 then go into 1st chain to form ring from there slide 1 bead toward ring crocheting bead into stitch hope this helps

  2. It would be wise to google for a bead crochet tutorial. There are plenty out there. This pattern is 14 beads per round.

  3. bonjour pouvez vous m aidez sur la grille beaded crochet rope iris svp comment je dois commencer pour le début combien de perle je dois mettre je veut essayer c est la premiére fois merci d avance

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